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Duplex Comms Systems

The following video provides the latest best practice guide in setting up and using Network Rail’s preferred Duplex Comms system 3M’s Peltor DECT product, including it’s importance in maintaining an exclusion zone around plant, helping to reinforce Network Rail’s life saving rule,

Never enter the agreed exclusion zone, unless directed to by the person in charge.”  

Duplex comms is mandated for use with OTP and OTM and is not a choice.  

Network Rail’s Plant Manual Issue 5 published 2 3 2013 NR/Plant/0200/Infrastructure Plant Manual   states:    

“Where personnel are required to undertake activities involving on-track machines or on-track plant on or about Network Rail managed infrastructure, mobile voice communication systems shall be provided for the Machine Controller and Machine Operator. Any such system shall be a full digital duplex communication system and as a minimum provide instant simultaneous communications, voice clarity, durability, and enhanced weatherproofing of the equipment. The communication system shall meet applicable EMC and other environmental requirements of Network Rail standards and other applicable mandatory or statutory requirements as appropriate "

The film is clear and informative showing how to get the very best out of this vital safety tool which is helping ensure everyone gets home safe everyday.