Welcome to our Track Safety Alliance Chairman for 18/19

Welcome to our Track Safety Alliance Chairman for 18/19

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25th Apr 2018

We would like to welcome to our Track Safety Alliance Chairman for 18/19, Brian Paynter. Brian brings the next level of drive and energy to ensure the TSA meets its aim to ‘achieve sustainable best in class safety performance that others will measure themselves by’.

A huge thank you to Neil Johnson - Alliance Director, S&C North Alliance for his hard work, support and guidance over the past year as TSA Chairman. Neil will continue to be part of the TSA Leadership Group, working on our workstreams and conferences.

Speaking at the TSA Staff Safety Representatives Conference on the 17th April, Brian commented:

“I am delighted to be given the opportunity take the chair of the TSA for the next 12 months and will hopefully add some value and the work I do can add value back into my Plain Line organisation. The TSA has done some great work since 2011 and my plan is to continue this and add my influence to something which already works well. The TSA isn’t about the people that run it or me being the chairman, it’s about everyone being engaged which is one of the focus areas. I will be looking at in terms of how do we engage better with the front line staff and get them to run the TSA meetings, conferences and forums rather than them being run by the Leadership team. I will work with Adrian Fricker and Lee Green about the periodic TSA calendar and how this is publicised as am not sure that it is as clearly communicated as it needs to be. Through my time, we shall continue with some of the work streams that are already in place but add some focus to some areas that are still a concern such as welfare, points run-throughs and safety behaviours. Track had a great 17/18 with the reduction in people injured and a reduction in the LTIFR and the TSA played its part in this but safety is a journey that never ends and we will continue to support further improvements in 18/19. We have a difficult 18 months ahead with the formation of the new alliances in Plain Line and S&C which makes the role of the TSA even more critical and we mustn’t take our eye off the ball whilst the focus is on the future. I am really looking forward to the year ahead”.

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