TSA and AJC Retail Solutions Innovation

TSA and AJC Retail Solutions Innovation

By Steve Featherstone


3rd Nov 2017


A Versatile, robust unit to provide mobile onsite Hot and Cold drinks provision. Providing an Anti-fatigue solution, increased productivity and team well being.


  • 9 mm polymer moulded body
  • Moulded carry handles
  • Brackets for carry handles
  • Rail track approved Stephill generator
  • Built in generator drip tray
  • Open access generator housing
  • 110v cecilware water boiler
  • 3 cup dispensers
  • 12v Shurflo water pump
  • 12v LED lights
  • For use with onsite water container
  • Secure storage cupboard
  • Unit to trolley fixings


  • Robust,easy clean, light weight construction
  • Designed for easy four man lift
  • Compact Size to fit trolley
  • Easy to use generator with 13 hour fuel tank
  • 20 litre boiler capacity with auto fill
  • Ideal for ready mixed cups
  • Easy to refill water tank
  • Lighting for clear visibility
  • Additional storage facility


  • First aid kit
  • 12v chiller for bottled water


  • Modified metal control box to include;
  • 12 volt / 10 amp DC power supply
  • On/off switch
  • 1 x 12v BS4343 panel mounted socket and plug (supplied loose)
  • 1 x 110v / 32a BS4343 panel mounted socket
  • Re-set button type overload protection
  • Exhaust tailpipe extension c/w insulation


  • Large 2, 3 or 5 Gallon Water Tank
  • Instant Automatic Water Refill - Provides an inexhaustible supply of hot water.
  • Instant Hot Water in as Little as 8" of Counter Space.
  • Energy Efficient System - Keeps water temperature constant every time.
  • The HWD-3PC and HWD- 5PC offer convenient portion control for precise dispensing.
  • Fill an 8 Oz. Cup in 6 Seconds.
  • Tomlinson No-Drip faucet
  • Ideal for Large Scale Food Preparation
  • Easy-to-Clean Exterior
  • Removable Drip Tray

For more info visit www.ajcretailsolutions.co.uk or Call: 01582 727760 or Email: info@ajcretailsolutions.co.uk

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