New safety advise video's

New safety advise video's

By Administrator

19th Apr 2017


On site safety is one of our key areas of risk when we look at our incidents and accidents.  We often start a job with inherited hazards and risk, this could be in the form of scrap rail, left over materials, broken/missing catch pit lids, to name but a few;  this can have a considerable impact on those who are expected to undertake works on that site and lessen our desire to work safely.  

This is where Prep for Safety can help, it’s all about planning and preparation, making sure our sites are clear and ready for our workers before they arrive. 

P4S is part of the Grip4Track process and aims to close out hazards or potential environmental issues right back at the early site walk out stages, giving you plenty of time to get you site ready, identify potential problems and remove hazards. 

Watch the video here.


Near Miss one too many

Have you considered the emotional impact from having a Near Miss? The stress on individuals when suspended from duty waiting for an investigation to conclude or the train driver who may have been involved? 

The following film has an individual who was involved in two near misses in the same day with the same team which led to two trains coming to an emergency stop. He talks about his experiences of being under investigation.  There were Safe system of work breaches in both near misses. 

You will also hear from a train driver who talks about his experiences of Near Misses. 

Please watch, learn and discuss with your colleagues

Watch the video here.


Japanese Knotweed 

Japanese knotweed is a tall, vigorous ornamental plant that escaped from cultivation in the late nineteenth century to become an aggressive invasive species in the urban and rural environment.

It is widespread throughout the railway corridor and whilst we are not legally obliged to remove Japanese knotweed from our land, we could be prosecuted or given a community protection notice for causing a nuisance if we allow it to spread onto anyone else’s property or cause it to spread in the wild. Therefore we need to make sure that we are aware of where it is, what it looks like and, most importantly, how to manage it should we our projects come into contact with it. The purpose of this Track safety Alliance film is to raise awareness and help us manage Japanese Knotweed better as a business.

Watch the video here.

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