Mobile Expandable Wellbeing Unit (MEWU) Launched!

Mobile Expandable Wellbeing Unit (MEWU) Launched!

By Steve Spicer


24th Jan 2020

The Track Safety Alliance – set out a challenge in April 2018 to improve site welfare. Whilst out NR standard details that welfare should ideally be within 10 minutes of the worksite but within 20 minutes. Even with these parameters most welfare breaks are taken behind trees as less than 20% of our teams felt that welfare was appropriate.

After 2 years of research, development and engagement with our front-line teams, both Network Rail our contractors and our supply chain partners Selectequip have produced the Mobile Expandable Wellbeing Unit (MEWU) – it’s so much more than just a mobile portaloo…. With flushing toilet, mirror, PPE hooks, sanitary provision all within a footprint of just over a meter square. It can even be moved on a trolley under OLE to be placed 3m from the track in a position of safety at the worksite.

First aid kit, stretcher, eye wash and AED can all be attached to the Mobile Expandable Wellbeing Unit (MEWU) – and for those working on track at night, finding an eight-foot-high orange box with its own reflective hi viz is so much easier to spot and the extra time saved looking for these may just make the difference between life and death.

For the first time a Your voice question was included on site welfare and just 36% responded positively that welfare on site was appropriate. This can help address this and avoid those embarrassment moments when you just need to go, but can’t wait
or walk 20 minutes…

The MEWU is available for hire fully serviced via Network Rail’s internal ordering system “COOM” or purchased through “ISTORE” systems or direct from Selectequip.

Brian Paynter – Track Safety Alliance Chair said – “This now helps all our teams have the right facilities at the right place for those personal needs, the inclusion of sanitary provisions, show our commitment to diversity but gentleman will also benefit.

Being made from over 90% recycled materials with environmentally friendly flush helps our sustainability drive. I can’t want to see these on our worksites.”One learning from our talking to front line teams is that wellbeing is really important but welfare needs to be there first. Being able to change a contact lens, go to the loo or take that personal needs break is nothing more than any of our teams should expect. This can now be a reality.

View the MEWU Brochure here

View the MEWU Montage Document here

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