Close Call Champion Training

Close Call Champion Training

By Administrator

30th Oct 2015

At the staff reps conference in February 2015 the TSA committed to delivering Close Call Champion training for an 90 initial workers, this included both on site and office based workers. 

Spaces were pre booked over four sessions on the following dates. 

  • 11th – 12th March 2015 - Completed - 24
  • 14th – 15th May 2015 - Completed - 31
  • 29th – 30th July - Completed - 40
  • 14th  - 15th 0ctober Completed - 45

We have now trained in excess of 168 people in total and still looking at running another one January

We are holding a special recall meeting on Thursday 12th November  where we have invited all the previous Close Call Champions back to Westwood, this will help us to learn from your experiences and to really Kick off the campaign 

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