About Us

What is the Track Safety Alliance (TSA)? 

The Track Safety Alliance (TSA) is an industry wide group which was formed in 2011 to allow a number of concerned stakeholders across the industry to develop and share best practice. This is largely focused on the improvement of health, safety and wellbeing of track workers. 

Since it was formed in 2011 the group has gone from strength to strength and has grown within the industry with circa of 30 members including Network Rail, Principal Contractors, Contractors, Plant & Machine Providers, Labour Suppliers, Trade Unions and most importantly the “ boots on ballast 

The Mission of the TSA 

‘Achieve sustainable best in class safety performance that others will measure themselves by’

TSA Structure

The structure is set out as below with nominated chairs voted in by their Peers:

  • Leadership Group  – current: Brian Paynter Leadership Chair 2018 – 2019 
  • Peer Group  – current: Jim Adshead Peer Group Chair 
  • Communications Group -  current: Adrian Fricker Chair

TSA Conferences 

Staff Reps Conference:

The event is specifically for frontline workers from across track renewals, it gives workers a voice and an opportunity to be heard. 

We have had over 1800 attendees since the conferences began with each event now being fully subscribed. The TSA host two Staff Reps Conferences per year, key themes include;

  • Occupational Health
  • Fatigue
  • Sustainability
  • Isolations
  • Close Calls
  • Behaviour & Fair culture
  • Welfare & PPE
  • Working at Height
  • Mental Health Wellbeing & literacy

Technical Forum:

In 2014 due to members requests a Supervisory and Technical forum was hosted to allow management grades i.e. Programme Managers, Project Managers and Engineers to share best practice and industry insight.

Due to the success of the event the Supervisory & Technical Forum is now hosted on a yearly basis with over 200 professionals in attendance, key themes include;

  • Fatigue
  • Isolations
  • Close Calls
  • Working at Height