Workstream - Fatigue

Workstream Lead: Bernard Grainger

Workstream Members:

Karl Jones, Carole Slimm, Katie Healy, Andy Cullen, Antony Thomas, Nicola Uijen

Workstream Description:

What are we trying to achieve?

To increase awareness, knowledge and management of fatigue within the workforce. The improvement plan aims to understand the factors which directly and indirectly affect people’s fatigue and to provide guidance and tools to stakeholders to better control, manage and prevent the risk

How will we achieve it?

  • Questionnaire Completion of questionnaires to understand the perception of Fatigue and identify from those questionnaires trends that require action
  • Education identify appropriate subject matter for the ongoing education of Fatigue within the TSA and wider industry, e.g. use of the NR Video shorts which will accompany the NR Fatigue Process
  • Collaboration work with the members and associated groups of NR, ISLG, RPCG, ORR and RSSB
  • Network Rail Process continue collaborative working with NR to be part of the review and implementation of the Fatigue Process
  • Empower develop industry awareness training of Fatigue to empower the workforce both blue and white collar to challenge/speak up on matters pertaining to Fatigue risk
  • Assurance develop a regime that is feasible for all members to use which considers the principles of Fatigue management being a hierarchical process to avoid or limit the risk


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